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Worker's Comp

You may have given years of service to your company, arrived on time and done your job. In the hustle and bustle of building the company, or working on the jobsite, an unfortunate injury may occur and now you are placed on light duty, or sidelined all together. When you talk to the company’s representative they send you to a doctor that you didn’t ask for, or tell you that your pay may be reduced, or limited until you heal.

The dilemma that you may face is do I stay home to heal and risk losing my job, or do I go to work and risk not healing? You don’t have to make a choice between two evils, the law is actually designed to help you when you invoke it in the right way. We help you with the process, advise you on what to do and put together a plan that gives you fair compensation and may let you keep your job, if you can later perform your duties after your injuries. We want you to work and to succeed.

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